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Peter Irwin of Australia asks, Sunday, January 26, 2003, about Dr Franz Blaha's testimony on the legendary "gs chamber" at Dachau

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Phoney gas chamberThe "Gas Chamber" at Dachau


I RECENTLY purchased from a discount book table outside of Borders in Brisbane a copy of Professor Richard Overy's book "Interrogations".

In it he includes the point by point evidence of a certain Dr Franz Blaha. In point 12 Dr Blaha, a doctor at Dachau, states that, "The gas chamber was completed in 1944 and I was called by Dr Rascher to examine the first victims".

I have been under the impression that there were no gas chambers in camps in Germany, only in occupied territories. Have I been the holder of a mistaken impression? I am sure that this point has been made in text after text that I have occasioned to read over the past few decades.

Perhaps you can clarify this for me as I can see no reason why someone might make up such a story. Also, if his testimony was deemed false I cannot see why the author, whose other works I have enjoyed and who appears to be a good historian, would not draw the reader's attention to it in some way.

I would put this question to Professor Overy but his books seem to be short of e-mail contact details. I put it to you as you have published many books on this period of history and demonstrate considerable expertise in its finer details. If you can find time to help me better understand this problem I would be much obliged.

Peter Irwin


Aug. 1960: journalist in Die Zeit demands dismissal of General Unrein for stating that the "gas chamber" at Dachau is a postwar fake . . .
. . . but prestigious Munich professor Martin Broszat, director of the Institut für Zeitgeschichte promptly publishes letter in Die Zeit confirming that Unrein is right

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Irving David Irving replies:

YES, Overy is not all he is cracked up to be. I am currently posting a lot of Himmler interrogation materials, the file is growing daily. As for Dachau, to answer your question, have a look at my website; for more details of Overy's howlers see my website and also this link. Professor Overy lives in London SW9.
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