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Sean Smythe suggests Monday, March 17, 2003 that it makes for easy propaganda to call the enemy a madman



The syphilis theme

VULGARIAN propaganda themes are meant for emotional impact and make little sense.

The archetypical vulgarian theme is the "madman enemy". The "madman" relieves the targeted audience of any questions about issues involved.

It's a convenient device for the propagandist. Seldom will the target ask, "How did they come up with this diagnosis?.

The syphylis theme is fine propaganda. It's saying in effect: These things are beyond the you. It's for us experts only.

It's excellent propaganda when dealing with preoccupied people who have no time to ask questions about the evidence. However, these emotional appeals aimed at a mass audience, often have the educated propagandists in fits because they so seldom make any sense.

For example, if Adolf Hitler was simply the victim of a mental illness then it's cruel to call him the most evil man in history. It's like stoning a retarded person or a person with Down's Syndrome.

It's also like those superstitious people who once thought mental disease was caused by demonic possession when it is simply the result of a degenerative proces in the Nervous System.

Sean Smythe

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