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R Sverker of Sweden asks on Wednesday, June 11, 2003 about what Stalin told his generals



What Stalin told his generals of plans to attack Germany


Good day! I am a Swedish Naval officer (reserve corps) who greatly appreciates your work, since there are not many who dare to speak about taboo subjects. Especially if they are true.

StalinNow I am in the middle of a conversation with the Swedish Royal War Academy on a certain subject, namely: was Stalin intending to strike at Germany and just got to late?

I remember reading on your web site not long ago (see links below) that 2 captured Soviet generals had a different view of what Stalin really said in his speech to newly appointed officers on May 5, 1941.

If I understood correctly, Stalin was actually saying that his intentions was to start a war with Germany. A writer at the Swedish Royal War Academy is stressing that in the surviving document from this speech there is no such statement.

This writer has based his standpoint on the writings of the late John Erickson, Professor emeritus at the University of Edinburgh (Barbarossa, June 1941. "Who Attacked Whom?" History Today, July 2001), who sugests that Victor Suvorov got it all wrong in his book Icebreaker.


R.Sverker, N (R) Lt

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