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Pete Velis suggests on August 13, 2003 that the CIA's Dino Brugioni was a master photo forger



Dino Brugioni, master photo-forger

I APPRECIATE your piece on Dino Brugioni. Many of the best JFK researchers have realized that the Zapruder film was doctored. To the extent that it was enlarged frame by frame, then cut up into parts, reassembled, repainted in some places with figures, then reduced back to the 8mm format with the reduction being run through a single transparent film on which are overwritten neat rows of small words. This transparency was brought into and out of focus producing an irregular rate of appearance. Some of the frames with the word-matrix have the word so clear on the background that the frame had to be damaged to prevent the prank from being clear.

Zapruder Film

It is clear to me that the perpetrators of this mutilation and evidence restructuring were in the NPIC [National Photo Intelligence Center] somewhere, and there was a "master" who added his own touch over and over. There had to be a team to do the grunt work. and they may not have even realized why they were doing certain things, There is no way of telling thus far. However, the "master" was not only well aware of the incredible project's shape, but added a perverted signature touch here and again with remarkable frequency and audacity.

I also believe the same person was the master tamperer on other photos, especially the famous Altgens photo looking at the TSBD. Mind-bending doctoring and oh-so-clever. Other Dealey Plaza movies were altered, the Nix film as drastically but much less finely graded. It also shares the overlaid matrix of words written in neat tight rows across the entire frame.

My feeling when I heard about Dino Brugioni and his position relative to the NPIC and his falsification expertise that he fits the model of the man who would, could and would have been happy to do the job, and keep his happy yap shut. How could he have been kept out of the loop?


RIGHT before I read your piece I read an interview with him where he tells his version of the revealing of the Medium range missiles to President Kennedy by CIA photo-analyst Lundgren (and Gen Graybeal, whom he fails to mention). He says that when Lundgren showed JFK the photos, he said, "You must agree that we have not mislead you in any way." Funny thing to say, since it never actually got said at all. I have the Cuban Missile Crisis transcripts.

In fact, Gen Graybeal tried to bullshit JFK into thinking the missiles could not be launched, which was itself shot down by Gen Taylor in that they could have been launched instantly, and then bullshit JFK by claiming they could not have nukes there, then shot down again, went so far as to claim that if nukes were there they could not be launched instantly. Taylor cut through the BS one last time, and Graybeal was forced to admit that they could be launched "in about 30 minutes." This, it turned out, was also bullshit. We now know they were already on the missiles with preauthorization from Kremlin to launch upon attack.

Now we find Dino still lying to cover the fact of CIA's constant misleading of JFK. And we find him pushing weird falsities surrounding supposed aerial photos of concentration camp victims going to the gas chambers, and to nowhere but the said chambers.

If you are interested, I can send you some color studies of the Zapruder film, Nix film, and some on the Altgens photo tampering.

One last note on this, the photos of Lee Harvey Oswald holding the alleged assassination rifle in his side yard are brutish fakes; yet Dino is nowhere on these incredibly important fakes. Equally interesting, is that the photos of Lee Harvey and Marina Oswald in Minsk are fabrications. I discovered this, and the credit is mine; I am positive that Dino would not have failed to recognize them 'way back when -- when it really counted.

I also found that a photo of the Ten Most Wanted ex-fugitive Eric Rudolph, captured a few months ago, was a heavily doctored photo. This was sent to Insight magazine as well as Rudolph's defense team, and Tim Maier at Insight tried to get Dino to review the photo, but Dino would not respond. I also emailed Dino over a year ago to ask him to take a look at the photo.

Thanks again for your insightful article on this less-than-visible man, Dino Brugioni

Pete Velis



Richard Widman reviews Dino A Brugioni: Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation
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