Posted Wednesday, January 21, 2004

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Harry D Galley gives road directions for the site of Hermann Göring's (now demolished) fabulous hunting lodge, Carinhall, Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Photo: Hitler, Göring, at Carinhall in June 1934
for the reinterment of Carin, Göring's first wife

click for photosHow to get to Carinhall

I did some research and came up with where Carinhall is located.

Directions: Take Autobahn A11/E28 out of Berlin northwesterly. Travel to intersection B198, go left, passing thru Joachimsthal, then arrive at intersection, Reiersdorf Str. junction, turn left on road, going over to B109 road, turn left going thru Gollin, traveling on B109, down to Döllner Heide, turn left on road; Großdöllner See is to your left, travel further down the road, Wuckersee is to your right and in this area was Carinhall. There is a boulder marking the road with "Karinhall" [Carinhall] on it.

That is my report -- Enjoy

Please post this in you records for others to visit Karinhall. Feel free to use this.

Harry D. Galley
Rock Island, Illinois



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Photos of Hitler, Göring, at Carinhall, June 1934 for th solemn reburial of Göring's first wife Carin | great website on Carinhall with many pictures

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