Posted Monday, January 19, 2004

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Sverker Odesjo tells of how the British prime minister came to win his unusual literary award, Monday, January 19, 2004


How Churchill got his Nobel Prize in 1953

Churchill by KarshTHIS week the 50 year censorship was lifted on Winston Churchill came to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 1953.

In the weekly historical radio show in channel P1 in Sweden, it was disclosed that this year there was initially about fifty contenders, then reduced to three.

Mr Churchill was final three contenders the Nobel Committee were unable however to pick even one, since they considered the standard too low. To have an empty box for the Literature prize winner would be even more embarrassing than to allow it to somebody not really worthy of the prize. The finally favoured solution was to give it to Churchill. His name had been mentioned, but no more, since 1946.

In the unofficial declaration only now made public, it was stated that he got it because he had made good speeches.

Maybe this was new information for you that could be of some use in your Churchill's War trilogy.

The Nobel Prize in literature is and always have been something of a political joke, hence the many Jewish winners.

Best regards from a Swedish naval officer,

Sverker Odesjo



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