Posted Thursday, April 21, 2005

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Simon Gunson has more information, Thursday, April 21, 2005, on the whereabouts and fate of SS General Hans Kammler


Himmler's chief engineer, Kammler

IN response to correspondence on your website's question about the fate of [SS Gruppenführer und Generalltn d Waffen SS] Dr-Ing Hans Kammler in WW2, yes he did have a bargaining chip with the allies in Operation Sunrise, the secret surrender negotiated by the OSS with elements of the SS.

I note from elsewhere on your website you quoted a British intelligence report on intercepted comments by Gen Lt Walter Dornberger to General Fink about how Kammler was ordered by Hitler to execute both Dornberger and Peenemünde scientists to stop them falling into Anglo-American hands.

It was a huge risk to Kammler's own personal safety to evacuate all the Peenemünde staff in April 1945 to Oberammergau, Bavaria, contrary to Hitler's orders. Why else would Kammler do so unless it was a bargaining chip for negotiations with the OSS ?

I have read elswhere that members of Kammler's staff claimed he was still alive at Jacin in Czechoslovakia late in April 1945.

Enter into the picture a Junkers Ju-290 A-5 aircraft with constructor's number 110178. This aircraft was withdrawn from Luftwaffe service and rebuilt at Templehoff into a civil aircraft in September 1944. It was given Duetsch Luft Hansa markings and civil serial as D-AITR "Bayeren". conversion was completed October 1944. Flughauptman Paul Sluzalek flew this aircraft from Prauge to exile in Barcelona on 26 April 1945. It had a number of SS personnel aboard whom the Spanish have always refused to identify. Was Kammler a passenger with blessings of the OSS ?

I note that both SS Lt Gen Hans Kammler and Adolf Eichmann were close to Prague about this same time and both disappeared. Although Eichmann is supposed to have escaped overland to Genoa, there is a very clear possibility that Kammler could have flown out of Prague and just maybe Eichman was with him on that Ju-290.

Whilst everybody has speculated the fate of Martin Bormann, the real scandal must be OSS dealings with Kammler.

Simon Gunson
Wellington, New Zealand


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