Posted Friday, June 24, 2005

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Peter Lemkin is following up on the whereabouts of SS General Hans Kammler, Friday, June 24, 2005


Prof Kaul, Speer and Hans Kammler

SpeerI'M currently researching on SS Gruppenführer Hans Kammler. I came across a court interrogation of Albert Speer (right) by a Prof. Kaul. Would you have, or know where I could get, that testimony in some computer-readable format (as a file)?

Who was Kaul? This was it seems a trial about [the Nordhausen Concentration camp] Dora.

Peter Lemkin


David Irving replies:

PROFESSOR Kaul was a notorious German lawyer in the 1960s and 1970s based in East Berlin (i.e., Pankow, the Soviet sector), who acted as a go-between from east to west and also got involved in other matters like obtaining the release of Germans from East Germany to the west, and from political prison in East Germany. Ah, the Germans! You should be able to find more about him now on Google.

Speer did visit Dora and the Nordhausen tunnel factory, the "Mittelwerk GmbH", to which the camp provided slave labour, as I discovered from his unedited 1943 official Chronik when writing The Mare's Nest. I believe that his plant manager Alban Sawatzki was hanged afterwards, but I may be wrong on that.


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