Posted Friday, February 25, 2005

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Retired colonel Rufus Lester Leggett reminisces about the castle in Austria where Hermann Göring was taken prisoner, and other curiosities


Göring, Fegelein, the Eva Braun papers

I'M ONE of two living members of the 636th Tank Destroyer Battalion Reconnaissance Company 1st Platoon, the unit that escorted Brigadier General Stack from Kufstein, Austria to Fischhorn Castle. Never mind that I'm now eighty-two years of age; I'm active and involved in the history of the arrest of Hermann Göring at Fischhorn Castle.

I have written a book that includes his arrest in two chapters; however, the book is about our Seventh U.S. Army fighting ashore in southern France to the end of the war. My "Texas" 36th Infantry Division also came ashore at the Salerno "Avalanche Invasion" with the British 46th and 56th Divisions and we endured that as well. I was a Sergeant at that time but made a career of the Korean and Vietnam service retiring as a regular Lt. Colonel. So much for background.

My interest is knowing about the tin suitcase [containing Eva Braun's diaries and personal papers] as well. My book, especially the Fischhorn chapters, will soon be pretty well known and is to be the basis for a substantial article in the World War II Magazine, A Primedia Publication. Also I'm slated for a Granite Productions Interview for a two hour BBC broadcast on The Last Of the Nazis.

Just maybe all this from this side will bring something from the readers to help in your quest. I hope so, because I write in my carefully documented book's last chapter that I thought the Florian Geyer SS officers and men were strangely docile toward us, but seemed to be guarding something and not recovering from their eastern battles. I have had your 1991 book [Hitler's War] and the footnote on page 466 I know by heart.

One last comment SS-Sturmbannführer was supposed to have ended the war as one of the SS liaison officers at Hitler's headquarters -- but in fact he was at Fischhorn with Hermann Fegelein's brother SS-Standartenführer Waldemar Fegelein. He was supposed to have been shot by one of our drivers on the way back to Kitzbühl, yet a friend of mine talked to him last year in Austria I believe.

Rufus Lester Leggett,
Lieut Colonel, US Army Ret.
(830) 899-4630
1984 Comfort Dr.
Canyon Lake
TX 78133-4006



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