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Simon Holloway has more data, Sunday, April 15, 2007 about a concealed WW2 poison-gas disaster


The 1943 Bari (Italy) poison-gas disaster

I WAS interested to see the item on your website referring to the Bari disaster.

My father was in the Merchant Navy and was in Bari when the [poison] gas ship was hit (walking down the quayside at the time, in fact). He was gassed and carried the scars from gas burns until the day he died.

He told me that injured British personnel were taken under guard to a hospital and were held in isolation with an armed guard on the door. They were later visited by an 'official' who demanded silence and threatened them. My father was so intimidated by this that he became very nervous when in later years I suggested that he write an account of his experiences.

He was of the opinion that the gas was not intended 'in case the Germans used it first', but was in fact intended for first use by the Allies in order to break the deadlock then prevailing in Italy.

Simon Holloway

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