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Posted Sunday, October 7, 2007

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William Stanzler has concerns, Sunday, October 7, 2007, about the Daily Express's Judea headline, and the role of Jewish statesman Chaim Weizmann

Did Judea "declare war" on Germany?

HAVING seen the headline (see top) from the Daily Express stating Judea Declares War on Germany, I was just wondering why this is the only such headline that is ever shown.

Ernst Zündel, for instance, said this was a worldwide media event, and yet has only produced this singular headline from one British newspaper, which seems a bit suspicious.

The text that follows the headline is a bit funny, too, it sounds quite sensationalistic, like what you would find in a tabloid of sorts, but then I could be wrong, as I don't know what kind of paper the Daily Express was/is.

Daily Express March 24, 1933

Yes, it is a genuine front page from the London Daily Express. We have copied the original (above). Like the Holocaust itself, it cannot be wished away. [Click image for full size]

As for Chaim Weizmann, (right), I always wondered what other option he would have chosen, pledging support for the British war effort against Germany after war had been declared.

It would be like a Christian pledging support for Germany's war effort against the Soviet Union. What would one expect a Jewish leader to do in the case of Nazi Germany? [Website suggestion: Avoid picking quarrels with Nazi Germany from the safety of New York, for the sake of your more vulnerable friends inside Europe?]

As for the boycott, was Germany ever really affected? I hear incessantly about how Adolf Hitler rebuilt the German economy, and how Germany prospered in the 1930s under his leadership, and yet it seems some people want us to believe that the German economy suffered terribly because of a Jewish-led boycott.

I have hard time understanding how this exactly justifies rounding up every Jew in Germany and most of Europe, men, women, and children, holding them all accountable for the perceived crimes of international Jewry or the Judeo-Bolsheviks.

[Website comment: Nothing justifies that, although much explains it - just as Roosevelt's administration explained the cruel internment of every Japanese American and prepared for it months before Pearl Harbor.]

It is a bit like saying that since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the US was thus at war with every Japanese person in the world, and that any measure could be taken against them, including nuclear weapons, internment, firebombing their cities, etc. Is this the kind of perverse behavior you condemn as Innocenticide?

A bit off-topic maybe, but I was wondering if you have ever read the diaries of Victor Klemperer, and what you think of them, or of him, as a German Jew who experienced life in Nazi Germany, but was thankfully spared its cruelest anti-Semitic excesses.

William Stanzler

David Irving comments:

Far superior to the self-serving Victor Klemperer diaries are the diaries, recently published, of a Mr Cohn, a humble German-Jewish teacher in Breslau, who applauded Hitler's speeches, understood the anti-Jewish measures -- and was still shipped off east to Minsk and never seen again: I quote from them in my forthcoming Himmler biography.

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