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Posted Saturday, August 4, 2007

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Peter Gebert is worried, Saturday, August 4, 2007, about a revisionist version of a Red Army atrocity in East Prussia

Wikipedian view of Nemmersdorf. . .

THERE is another wikipedia entry that has made me wary of Wikipedia (I avoid using Wikipedia):

Nemmersdorf victimsAs far as I know (and you can correct me if I am misinformed), the massacre in Nemmersdorf, East Prussia by Soviet soldiers is a fact. [Nemmersdorf is now Mayakovskoye]

I read an article in National Geographic (February 2005) about the sinking of the German luxury liner Steuben in 1945 by the Soviets and the Polish author of this article discusses the atrocity against the Germans in Nemmersdorf by the Soviets as a fact. But in Wikipedia, they say Dr Joseph Goebbels set this up as a propaganda stunt and exaggerated the deaths.

In fact, I read this same article in Wiikipedia one or two years ago in which Wikipedia actually said German soldiers deliberately killed the German civilians themselves and then pointed the finger at the Soviets. I know German soldiers have commited some awful atrocities (as have allied soldiers), but I have never heard of German soldiers killing German civilians.

To me it sounded like an outright lie. I edited the Wikipedia entry putting the blame on the Soviets. About a day or two later the entry was back to what it had been, blaming the Germans. I just looked at the entry now and I did not see them saying that German soldiers killed the civilians. But the article basically says the Soviets did nothing wrong.

Unfortunately I don't speak German. I would like to compare the English entry on wikipedia with the German entry.

Peter Gebert


Wikipedia Bias: [1] [2]
Regarding the Nemmersdorf massacre see the video on YouTube with some testimonies

mail I JUST read Peter Gebert's letter concerning the Nemmersdorf massacre. The original German newsreel of this disaster is available on the Through Enemy Eyes series from International Historic Films - Specifically it is Newsreel 739, available on DVD or videocassette. -- William Blair

David Irving writes:

I AM not an expert on these atrocity matters, but the Nemmersdorf massacre has gone down in history as a Red Army atrocity, and I have never heard before that the Germans faked it.

Why should they, the Red Army's atrocities as they entered western Europe at Gumbinnen and elsewhere are a matter of no dispute. I remember reading an eye witness account of these atrocities in the diary of airforce General Werner Kreipe (which has unfortunately been seized with the rest of my archives in 2002 and as far as I know destroyed).

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