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Posted Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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Mike Reisch has a comment, Tuesday, October 9, 2007, on other WW2 American interrogation techniques

Not all WW2 American interrogators wore kid gloves

I HAVE little knowledge of the interrogation techniques used on German POWs at Fort Hunt, but what has recently been published by a UK newspaper concerning Bad Nenndorf as well as the interrogations for the Dachau Trials paints an entirely different picture. There was also a notorious US interrogation center in Bavaria described by Ernst von Salomon in his book Der Fragebogen, published in 1951.

In these instances the methods were similar to what is happening at Guantanamo Bay Cuba as well as Iraq.

Also, wasn't it Julius Streicher, one of the IMT defendants, who was forced to drink the spittle of his tormentors merely for writing a propaganda sheet which the enemies of free speech found objectionable?

Mike Reisch


US interrogation techniques were very different in WW2

A collection of CSDIC interrogations relating to Heinrich Himmler

See article in The Observer on the "rediscovery" by an American writer of these transcripts

US Veterans of another war recall Nazi interrogations at Fort Hunt, Virginia. Members of the P.O. Box 1142 program maintained decades of silence

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