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Posted Monday, August 6, 2007

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John Papas finds, Monday, August 6, 2007, that Mr Irving's death-roll figures for Rotterdam are now generally accepted

That Rotterdam death-roll figure

I SHOULD like to point to you the following website which contains photos, and under the category unnecessary bombardment says about the bombing of Rotterdam, that it cost the lives of 900 civilians. This is exactly the amount of casualties you had discovered by thorough research and present it to the public, contrary to the populist opinions i.e. Winston Churchill's and of other "esteemed" historians that the bombing had cost the lives of 30-40.000 civilians.

Don't forget that the bombing of Rotterdam and those "30,000 casualties" was used as a justified pretext for the fire-bombings and subsequent incineration of hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians (women, elderly, children) while most of the male population was away from the cities in the fronts of Russia or in France (late 1944)

Of course in this case the truth has been revealed although it took some decades to be done so.

Woe to the defeated (old Greek saying)

John Papas



DER SPIEGEL: category, unnecessary bombardment

David Irving writes:

MANY thanks; I am quietly confident that eventually my views will be generally accepted. In fact the Allied air forces killed very many more Rotterdam citizens than Hitler's Luftwaffe did on May 14, 1940. See Professor Hans-Adolf Jacobsen's excellent research into the raid in the Institut für Zeitgeschichte journal, many years ago.

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