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Bob Liepa has a question, Friday, April 2, 2004, about Hitler's writing instrument: did it have the Star of David?.

Hitler's fountain pen

I'VE neglected to mention just how impressed I am with your "Hitler's War" millennium edition.

I had read "Hitler's War" back in the 1970s, and read your millennium edition not long ago. Aside from your superb research and writing, I must say the design and overall quality of the book is superb. The whole package -- from the color photos to the reproduction of documents to the newspaper front pages (which I particularly like) -- it's the greatest book I've ever seen and one of my most prized possessions. One can tell a lot of pride went into producing it, and it was a labor of love.

ON another matter, I had recently read something on the Internet that I am curious about. As this story goes, the pen manufacturer, Mont Blanc, had been asked back in the 1930s to produce a fountain pen for Adolf Hitler, and came up with the snowcap design that remains today. When looked at from the side, the pen cap resembles a snow-covered mountain peak. But, when viewed from the top, it resembles the Jewish star. As the story goes, the pen was designed this way by an anti-Nazi so that Hitler would be carrying the Jewish star in his pocket.

I know this is hardly a major issue, but I am a fountain pen aficionado, and am curious if you know anything about this. Do you know what brand of fountain pen Hitler used? I know you are a busy man, but any insight you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Liepa


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David Irving comments:

IT was not a Mont Blanc pen, as Otto Günsche showed it to me -- he picked it up off Hitler's writing desk minutes after Hitler's suicide, and kept it as a memento throughout his ten years of Soviet captivity. Field Marshal Erhard Milch (right) used a Mont Blanc, a Meisterstück, and his family donated it to me after the field marshal's death (I wrote his biography).

Unfortunately, it became faulty, and I sent it to the Mont Blanc company in Bremen for repair. Alas, with a misplaced sense of customer goodwill, the company informed me that this model was no longer manufactured, so they had taken the liberty of destroying the original and sending me a free replacement, a modern Mont Blanc (which leaks like the devil, but which I still use).

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