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Mike Lilly is dubious, Thursday, July 3, 2003, about the "Hitler documents" found in Florida



Those Hitler documents found in Florida: Yellow Flags


The owner of the cacheREAD your account of the South Florida find of Hitler documents with great interest. Yellow and Orange flags (this is the way we issue warnings these days) went up as I read the background story you were given regarding the "leading lady," 90-year-old, "Kathe."

I've never known such an old lady to be afraid of anything, particularly an old German lady; and especially, one who still drives a car. Have not known one who chooses black as a color for hair dye, either. Yellow Flag.

THE name-change part of the story sounds suspicious, too. One must consider the old man, formerly an "SS man ... close to Hitler and a war criminal," found his name safe enough to live and function in Florida for many years. It's only after his death that Kathe acts to change it, and it was not she who was the war criminal. Another Yellow Flag.

THE presentation of a large variety of stuff -- cards, letters, speeches, paintings (oil, no less), bureaucratic documents; etc., reminds one of the Konrad Kujau approach to "snowing" his victims. This fraudster knew that the more stuff he served up, the more people, even experts, would be inclined to believe it genuine. This gets a Yellow Flag, as well.

Here comes an Orange Flag. There is described an eighty-page speech in Hitler's handwriting. From all accounts I've ever read, Hitler wrote only outlines of his speeches and could speak for hours from a couple of pages containing the barest number of prompting words and phrases. He would not have read an eighty-page speech, as he was Hitler, not ex-President Ford. To state the least, he usually had the subject matter nailed pretty good and had covered it many times before. (Werner Maser's Hitler's Letters and Notes, contains some very fine facsimiles of the outlining method used). Here an Orange Flag.

MR IRVING, you state: "I have never seen so much Hitler handwriting in my life before." This does seem to be an elaborate thread running through the collection, something a forger would enjoy doing once having mastered Hitler's handwriting. I'm reminded again of Kujau and his enjoyment in granting his prison guards requests for Hitler's "autograph."

You are indeed THE expert, having been the one to expose the "Hitler's Diary" caper. But, as you indicated, the collection should undergo forensic analysis of paper, ink and other key indicators in order to help prove authenticity. Look forward to seeing them posted on your site.

Mike Lilly

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David Irving replies:

Indeed, the name Konrad Kujau kept flashing through my kind. Unfortunately my two volumes of Max Domarus's Hitlers Reden und Proklamationen were seized along with everything else in May 2002, but they were Kujau's forging source, and he slavishly copied items from those two volumes in Hitler's handwriting, including the minor errors in Domarus, which was the giveaway. This particular mine, if they are forgeries, has however been salted with a number of clearly genuine items.

Yes, a 90 year old lady driving a car: that point did not strike me; maybe her daughter or son drove it?

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