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Posted Thursday, June 10, 2004

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James Roberts, longterm Ohio supporter, has a suggestion to prevent terror acts, Thursday, June 10, 2004



Preventing a cover-up the next time

YOU have an opportunity to prevent a cover-up when the next "terrorist" attack occurs.

I ask you to use your website to encourage people to have every kind of recording device at the ready, cameras, police and military scanners, have government radio bookmarked, et cetera. Imagine what we missed the first time around.

The inconsistencies in reporting by the media and government will likely be better and more quickly covered up the next time. And everybody says there is going to be a next time.

Why be slow off the mark when they're firing verbal shots over our bow? A stitch in time saves nine, and if there were an "army" of civilians keeping an eye on things, at the ready to record, heck, they might not even do it.

You could save a lot of lives. I suggest a page with a hyperlink at a prominent position on your home pages, leading to a page of how average people can prepare. Also, get people to talk to their police and firemen friends about it, maybe they can take some pics or record some audio too.

Our troops in Iraq are banned from using their cameras, we are not. A blank tape in the VCR or recoder connected to a scanner, or a video camera may very well nail them to the wall.

How many people could you convince to carry a camera, or a video camera in their car? A lot, I suspect. After all, turnabout (surveillance) is fair play. Wouldn't you feel safer if there was a mass movement to keep an eye on things? Tell everybody.

James Roberts


US Occupation imposes new Limits on Journalists in Iraq (from the Arabic press)

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