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Posted Monday, March 8, 2004

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Peter Wakefield Sault of England thinks the story of Mossad looting is apocryphal,Monday, June 14, 2004



Don't believe it

Re: Ancient Jewish library looted

What on earth are you doing spreading this false and pernicious b*******t?

"Iraqi sources" -- who they? ..."Held by the former Iraqi intelligence." -- This is the cover to explain why we never heard of these documents before. Just ask yourself: Why on earth would they be held by Iraqi intelligence? You have been suckered.

"The books were intact" -- this was Babylon. They used clay tablets. Papyrus was used only in Egypt.

What is happening here is that the Jews are increasingly worried by the damning archeological evidence that they invented themselves sometime after 300 BC. Ooops - there goes there raison d'etre -- "God's promise", as though it were not in itself a spurious claim in the first place.

Now just wait and see. I'd put money on a bet that only Zionist-compliant 'Jewish scholars' will be allowed anywhere near these "books". And we all know what their word is worth.

Peter Wakefield Sault


Mossad has looted ancient Jewish library from US-occupied Baghdad

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