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Alison E. a student, of Australia, writes on Sunday, February 11, 2001



I DON'T know that this letter will receive a reply -- however I think there is no harm in trying.

I am an Australian Year-12 student (in my final year of high school) and have just begun a year-long project relating to different interpretations of the Holocaust.

I wonder if I can pose a few questions which you or people who work closely with you could possibly find the time to answer?

  1. What is your basic interpretation of the Holocaust?
  2. What are your purposes in writing about the Holocaust?
  3. Do you think these purposes in any way affect your interpretation?
  4. Do you think the recording of the Holocaust has changed dramatically over the 50 years since it actually occurred?


Alison E.

[full name withheld]

We invite our Website visitors with constructive information on these four questions to correspond with Alison.

DAVID IRVING responds:

I will do all I possibly can to help you. What I would like to do is mail to you my Closing Speech in the Lipstadt trial last year and the trial diary. They contain much material of interest for you topic, in a slightly handier form than they are on my website. If you wuld like thes eprinted versions, please provide a mailing address; I suggest that after consultation with your parents or teacher you let me send it to you at your school or college. Then I have this initial advice: You will find much of what you need at these addresses on my website: on Auschwitz and the Holocaust; the pleadings are on my Lipstadt index and the judgment is at http://www.focal/org.lipstadt/judgment.pdf or download it direct at this British government link but you will find my print version easier to follow.

The daily transcripts are on my website but they are very lengthy, though not without interest.

It is an interesting subject, and I hope that when you are through with it you manage to shake it iff, as you don't want to spend your life obsessed with human tragedy on such a vast scale. Do not hesitate to ask me specific questions (not too general or vague, though); and -- don't expect me to write your essay for you!

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