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John Young of New York delves into "Gregory Douglas" on December 18, 2000



Inquiry on "Gregory Douglas"

WE have had discussions with Mr. Gregory Douglas, who may also be known as Peter Stahl, about publishing on the Internet material he has offered.

I have read your Action Report concerning Mr. Douglas's alleged activities as a counterfeiter and forger, as well as his being in a witness protection program.

We would be most grateful if you could provide us with documentary substantiation of these allegations. We shall be pleased to pay for costs of providing this information.

Very best regards,

John Young

251 West 89th Street
New York, NY 10024
Tel: (US) 212-873-8700
Fax: (US) 212-787-6102

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Irving David Irving replied on Dec 18, 2000:

HIS criminal record is established, he boasted of it to me. He tried to foist a fake German (Himmler) document on to me in 1975. His "Mueller" material is from the same source (his own brain). He foisted a fake Odilo Globocnig document on to British writer Gitta Sereny -- contact her at:
Mrs Gitta Sereny
5 Pembroke Studios,
Pembroke Gardens,
London W8 6HX

He bought a wartime German typewriter from antiquariat Globe Militaria, Inc (I have seen the receipt), a Military Surplus Mail Order company located in Keene, NH in 1990/91. The firm closed in the summer of 1996. Why would he need that item, one wonders? The firm's new owners have an extensive dossier on him.

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