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Laura B. of Hampshire, England, writes on Thursday, February 8, 2001



The Hungarian Uprising and The Prague Spring

I AM an 18 year old history student at Brockenhurst college, Hampshire. As part of my History course I am doing an essay on "What were the causes of the Hungarian Uprising in 1956 and the Prague Spring in 1968 and why did the Soviet Union intervene".

I would be most greatful if you could share any information you have on the subject with me as this project accounts for 50% of my A-level. Your help would be invaluable to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Laura B

[full name withheld]

DAVID IRVING responds:

HAVE you got a copy of my book on the Hungarian Uprising yet? Uprising bookIf not, I will be happy to mail one of my few remaining copies to you free. I attach as text the Introduction to the book.

I suggest:

  • Give me an address to mail the book to (perhaps the school will let me mail it to you there); I appreciate the problems about revealing adresses, and you should discuss this with your teacher first.
  • If you wish to phone to discuss the topic I will happily do so; use the London numbers below (evening also). But do not expect me to write your essay for you!

It is a very controversial topic. I cannot assist you on the Prague spring, but I can on Hungary.

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