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English student S [name withheld] asks where to find the truth about Auschwitz, Saturday, November 25, 2000



I AM an 18 year old A'level student currently attempting my coursework. As part of my coursework I intend to look at whether or not Auschwitz was built for the purpose of extermination. I would be very greatful if you could help me with any relevent information regarding this topic from your own knowledge and findings.

Miss S


I SHALL take personal pride in helping you. The material is however vast. You are on the Internet. As a start have a look at my website. Have a look at my index on Auschwitz materials and you might like to wrestle with reeading pdf documents (you'll have to eventually) and read my trial Diary which contains important snippets from the trial; and have a look at the Judgment in the libel action at not for what the Judge says but for the pictures and documents we have included.

If you will send us your address (school address might be best? otherwise home) I will mail you free my printed closing speech in the trial. A word of advice. Keep an open mind on both sides of this particular argument! Both sides have much to say for themselves.

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