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Brad Allan of USA, inquires on Thursday, November 16, 2000



Whatever happened to Heinz von Pannwitz?

HeydrichARE you aware of the fate of Heinz Pannwitz (or von Pannwitz)? As you may recall, Pannwitz and Karl Hermann Frank led the investigation into the assassination of Heydrich (right). Pannwitz was the head of the anti-sabotage section of the Prague Gestapo.

While Frank was hanged in Prague in 1946, I have no information concerning the ultimate fate of Pannwitz. Callum MacDonald, in his book "The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich" (my edition: De Capo Press, New York, 1998) details the murder investigation, but leaves the question of Pannwitz unresolved.

Brad Allan

DAVID IRVING writes: If readers will reply to me and this correspondent I will post their replies here:-

Jordan Hoffmann reports Saturday, November 18, 2000: "He died about 1980. Pannwitz investigated Heydrich's killing and reported to Hitler the results of his investigation. This report, with a supplement added by him as late as 1959 is found in University College London in the School of East European and Slavic Studies collection. Stanislav Berton published Pannwitz's account in the late 1980s.

Miguel Angel Prada-Krackow has this information: "Heinz Pannwitz (1911-?1981) (real name Paulsen) was born in Berlin. In 1940 he became criminal commissioner heading Department GII of the Prague Gestapo in German occupied Czechoslovakia. On 27 May 1942 an assassination attempt was made on the life of Reinhard Heydrich (1904-1942) which resulted in his death on 4 June. Heydrich was head of the Nazi security police and governor of Bohemia-Moravia. The assassins were intelligence agents sent by Czech military intelligence in exile in Britain, aided by the Special Operations Executive. Pannwitz was appointed head of a special commission to investigate the killing. His final report was submitted to Hitler and found its way to the Archives of the Institute for Jewish Research, New York (YIVO). In 1959 Pannwitz wrote his account of the investigation found in this collection. He would have had to rely on his memory as few books had been published on the subject at that time. In the early 1980s, Pannwitz's widow allowed Stanislav Berton access to the account and he later published it. Pannwitz was kept in prison about 25 years. When he was captured (in the final days of the WW II) he was brutally tortured by the US Army."

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