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Kenyon Charboneaux writes on Saturday, January 6, 2001



Thanks for the free books

I JUST wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your books and how much I appreciate your making them available even to people like me who don't have the spare bucks to buy books. Unfortunately, our local library is very small and doesn't carry any of your more recent work Eisenhower(I think The War between The Generals book is the latest work of yours that our library has).

You write beautiful prose that is a pleasure to read. Thank you again for making your work available. Maybe my own next royalty check will have some bucks left over after the bills and I'll be able to buy both Hitler and Goebbels. I prefer the way a book feels and smells to reading it on the computer, but -- when it's writing as fine as yours, even the computer can't keep me from it.

Kenyon Charboneaux

DAVID IRVING writes:Churchill's war

I HAVE often explained that I am providing free downloads of my books as my way of saying thank-you to the community, to which I owe so much. It costs us quite a lot to do it, but eventually all of my books will be on my website, free. Coming very soon: the entire first volume of Churchill’s War. After that: Uprising, the story of the Ungarian Uprising of 1956.

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