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Aldo de Pascale of New York State passes on these tidbits on Thursday, December 20, 2001



Will the real Bin Laden please stand up?


When you closely compare the Al Jazeera Bin Laden photo (p.55) with the so-called "smoking gun" video (p.14-15), you will note that there are clearly two different camouflage patterns for the army jacket he is wearing in each. The difference in patterns is very subtle, yet it is very clear when you look closely.

Examine the photo clip of "Smoking Gun" Osama on page 14 and notice that there are clear, unmistakeable streaks of black camouflage pattern across the upper right arm, immediately below the shoulder strap. Then compare this pattern to the pattern from Osama of Al Jazeera (page 54). In the Al jazeera shot, there is clearly no strip of black camouflauge in the right upper arm beneath the shoulder strap.

No doubt about it, the two jackets don't match! Also, on page 15 of Newsweek, we see "smoking gun" Bin Laden writing with his right hand. We know from the FBI's own wanted poster that Bin Laden is LEFT HANDED!

And finally, the face of Al Jazeera Bin Laden on page 54 is noticeably thin and very semitic in appearance. The cheeks of cover boy "smoking gun" Bin Laden are much fuller as is the nose.

Aldo de Pascale

[This letter has been shortened]

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