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Posted Friday, November 14, 2003

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Stefan de Batselier reports from Germany on Saturday, November 15, 2003




The fate of Martin Hohmann (2)

HohmannWITH regard to the Martin Hohmann case, there were so many angry letters sent to ZDF, some blatently anti-Semitic, that the TV bprogramme Frontal 21 (last Tuesday) had to broadcast an item where they desperately explained, with the help of a few tame "historians", that the number of Jews involved in the Russian revolution wasn't really all that great, and that it was all Nazi propaganda . . .


As for the "National Outcry" that the BBC reports, I can say that 90% of people on the streets are in favour of him. E.g., in the village here in Germany where I live I have heard nobody being "outraged" about it, except that people are outraged about the way Hohmann is treated!

Someone said on TV when asked in the street, that Hohmann is saying what most people in Germany think but don't dare to say. Well . . . the traditional friends are shooting themselves in the foot once more -- just another chapter to their textbook How to Teach Others to Dislike You . . . for Dummies.

Stefan de Batselier


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