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Jim Beardsley of Arizona writes on Sunday, November 18, 2001



That BBC Radio feature on the Lipstadt trial

MAY I begin by thanking you once again for the considerations and courtesies offered me recently at the Truth In History conference. Without them I would not have been able to attend. The conference was once again excellent in every respect and I am glad we were able to have it before the events of September 11.

Your website has offered me a great deal of knowledge as well as some belly laughs.

I listened to the BBC broadcast and felt they were quite biased and unfair with their cuts and clips. I lost contact several times for a few moments during the broadcast but got most of it.

Pardon my language but when Prof. Deborah Lipstadt told her story about her grandfather I shouted out: "Jesus Christ, another holocaust miracle!" Here we have Lipstadt saying she isolated herself from people during the trial but decides to go over to talk to this one gentleman who is crying, and behold, another miracle -- he knew her grandfather. And the weeping begins.

Good Lord, is there no end to this drivel? The article by [the feature's producer] Bruce Hyman was disgusting. He "feared for his life" as he sat with you? Amazingly he did not see fit to point out that the reason he feared for his life was because of the Lipstadt tribe's terrorist and violent reputation.

Jim Beardsley

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I DID not hear the 45-minute broadcast myself, and know only at second hand what went into it. It does strike me as strange that the programme's producer -- Bruce Hyman -- kept his name a secret from me at the time. As for his fearing for his life, it is true that Lipstadt has called, in lectures around the world, for my assassination by Jewish zealots. The production company is providing me with a tape of the BBC broadcast and I will supply copies to interested parties.

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