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Bernie Mueller writes from Canada, Friday May 7, 1999

Dear Sir,

I recently ordered two of your books plus a suscription to Action Report. I was notified today by Revenue Canada that the shipment has been detained for determination of tarif classification and has been forwared to the Prohibited Importations Unit.

I wrote them immediately and talked to them by phone.

They informed me the the book Nurnberg, The Last Battle was okay, but Action Report was being inspected for hate literature and antisemitism. I should be notified shortly. I will stay on their case till I get the material.

Any advice on how I should approach this? Question? I also ordered Churchill's War Part 2 but it was not sent. Is it out of print?

Bernd Mueller

 David Irving replies:

 SORRY to hear about the problems with Canada Customs. Your country has some very weird notions of freedom of speech. None of my books has been banned, anywhere in the world, and I am curious if they decide that Action Report is hate-filled!!

Here are some addresses of people you might like to protest to:

Canada/Customs & Excise, Revenue, 4th Floor, Connaught Building, 555 Mackenzie Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0L5

Write to

  • Lisa Hrynuik, Manager, Prohibited Importations Unit
  • Joel Oliver, Director, Prohibited Importations Unit

These addresses are dated 1995 but should still be active.

David Irving (I am currently at Grant's Pass, Oregon, USA).

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