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"Dan" writes from Canada, Friday, June 25, 1999

Dear Mr. Irving,

My name is Dan, I am from Canada, and I hold a degree in military history. Interestingly enough, I became aware of you long before my interests in revisionism. Many of my reports and essays written during my undergrad incorporated material written by you. I was quite surprised when I became interested in reading more about revisionism, and came across your name more and more often. My searches eventually brought me to your excellent Web site. I find it far more easy to navigate than Zundel's, and far less sensational.

You have obviously done ton's of work... and it shows in the quality of your site... You seem to take great pains to keep everything above board.. This empasis has been often undervalued, or even ignored by many in the movement, and I believe it is this quality that makes you the most credible of revisionists. Please keep up the good work. You are the only one in your class.

I notice that you have many Canadian related articles.. in fact, a disproportionate number compared to other locales. As a Canadian, I appreciate this... although it is uncommon. Why is there such a disproportionate representation?

Best regards,

Dan from Canada.

 David Irving replies:

 THANKS for your kind words (tho' I normally steer clear of opening messages called "greetings and praise" for reasons you can surmise). I carry the Canadian news, because as an Englishman I have not forgotten or written off that great Dominion, and I am sad to see what is becoming of it.

[Dan's letter has been filed in my folder, "Agents provocateurs".]

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