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Jim Dean writes from Atlanta, December 16, 1998:

Dear Sir,

As a journalist I have been studying this Revisionist fight for six months. One of my first discoveries was that the term 'Holocaust Deniers' is a PR term, created by one side's PR people because of the obvious public reaction it creates . These are very sharp PR people.

Using this term without a precise definition just adds to the confusion....which if also the goal of these sharp PR people.

The safest qualifying definition I have come up with is that the so called Holocaust deniers are people who deny that the so called Holocaust did not happen the way others say it happened. This truth can be backed up by lectures lasting days where only Jewish people speak. No right wing person need even be in the country.

We have the Liberal American press using Holocaust figures this year that have been revised downward by 80% for over half a decade by world known Jewish organizations. The steady stream of admissions of fraud, lies and exaggerations have not only gone unnoticed by most of the press but continue to be ignored to this date.

I have yet to find one American journalist who is aware that Germany has admitted for years now that there were no gas chambers on German soil. Most have no idea that many well known Jews openly decry the Holocaust as a PR stunt, wildly exaggerated for Geo Political motives.

Yet, revisionists continue to be led to the slaughter house of public opinion. They have, in effect, become another Holocaust, with their adversaries openly determined to exterminate them by any means. The whole thing is a circus and by ascribing one side to be the moral superior by default is shoddy journalism on your part. You are just telling the public to ignore what the revisionists have to say rather than letting them decide their veracity (and the history of their detractors') by themselves.

American journalists are on a big push now to do the thinking for their audiences. I hope the disease is not spreading.

Jim Dean

(The Jim Dean Review)

David Irving notes:

 I would be interested to hear other visitors' views on this.

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