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Dr Mirgo Dragan of Stamford, Connecticut, comments, on Wednesday, December 6, 2000:



Longevity of Teresienstadt "survivors"

ACCORDING to an AP dispatch a former SS-officer will face "40 witnesses" at his forthcoming trial for shooting seven Jews at Teresienstadt camp in spring of 1945.

Assuming that all of them were over 21 at that time, they all must be in their late 80's today.

What an astonishing longevity among these folks assuming that they were starved for over five years, tortured, and otherwise readied for extermination. DidNazi doctors simultaneously feed them some secret experimental longevity pills?

And not only the Longevity Pill! These forty witnesses apparently miraculously preserved intact their mental faculties, since all of them have been qualified by the prosecutors as credible individuals with a sparkling memory. Instead citizens in our poor America -- especially elderly Jews -- are plagued with Tay Sachs and Alzheimers and general mental disability.

In the latest presidential election, thousands of elderly Jews in Miami Beach, FL mistakenly (allegedly) voted for their revisionist nemesis, a Catholic, Pat Buchanan, because they were so confused that they did not know where to put their voting mark on a slightly less than explicit ballot.

Dr Mirgo Dragan
Polish Historical Society

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