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Posted Thursday, June 9, 2005

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A correspondent gives us his own inside view on the identity of Deep Throat, Thursday, June 9, 2005, and who he wasn't



W Mark Felt is -- Who?

YEARS ago I worked on a book named "Deniable Priorities", which covered the Watergate Scandal and "other operations".

It was my firm conviction that "Deep Throat" was Ben Bradlee's ex-brother-in-law, Cord Meyer. [Bradlee was editor of The Washington Post which broke the Watergate story].

Cord Meyer was Deputy-Director of Plans (covert ops) of the CIA and head of "cover publishing", i.e., keeping the covert operations of the CIA out of books and newsprint. He worked closely with CI chief James Jesus Angleton, and Angleton's deputy Richard Ober on Operation MHCHAOS, which included the "Deep Snow Section" covering all the references to the CIA and illegal funding of domestic operations in print during the Johnson and Nixon years.

Mr. Bradlee, it seems, had connections to the CIA as far back as 1953 and the Ethel and Julius Rosenberg trial, and was working for the CIA to cover any Soviet "propaganda" in the case.

Apparently, W Mark Felt's problem is the same as Mr. Meyer, and that is the fact that both left Washington in June of 1973, and 4-5 months before the last correspondence between Woodward and "Deep Throat" -- November 4, 1973.

At that time Watergate Special Prosecutor, Leon Jaworski had only known of the "eighteen and a half minute gap" in the Watergate tape of June 20, 1972 for two days before "Throat". Mr Jaworski was a former CIA conduit for funds through the International Division of the CIA run by Cord Meyer.

Woodward had excellent contacts from his days as a Naval Intelligence briefer in Washington, where he regularly debriefed members of the CIA. Before he went to work for the Washington Post, he wrote an article for the tiny Montgomery County Sentinel in Rockville, Maryland (published on April 21, 1971, "The Non-selling of the CIA") detailing CIA operations and expenditures and the number of agents worldwide.

No small feat for a cub reporter with no "connections" in Washington, and the admission in the piece that all these statistics were secret.

Of even more interest is the fact Cord Meyer and Richard Ober both passed away in 2001 before the first "admissions" that W. Mark Felt was the legendary "Deep Throat", and two years after Mr. Woodward's visit to Mr. Felt in California.

Even more amazing, Felt's daughter did not recognize Mr. Woodward's name when she answered the door, and thought that he was just another reporter.

Shortly before the "revelations" that Mr. Felt was "Deep Throat", his daughter combed many used bookstores buying up all the copies of Mr. Felt's 1980's book Pyramid. I know this from a bookseller here who sold one copy the Friday before to Felt's daughter. She failed to inform the seller of the impending increase in value of Pyramid.

Yes, follow the money and wonder if Felt is really "Deep Throat".

Don't publish my name, I'm back working on this book, and I'd rather wait to tell who is really behind all of this, and field questions.

[Identity of writer known to us]


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