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Yolanda Flanagan writes from the USA, Monday, May 24, 1999

I AVIDLY read your online newsletter and all other information and pass the Web address on to interested friends.  

I admire your work very much and certainly your courageous fight.  

My parents came from Poland so I have always been interested in Polish affairs, but I realized at one point that the Jewish people sometimes hate the Poles more than they hated the Nazis, and this despite the fact that Poland gave safe harbor to so many Jews throughout history.

I also feel that the frenzy of holocaust history and the momentum it keeps gaining in the media and the schools, negates the suffering, death and atrocities of other nationalities and also negates the horror of Soviet brutality. But that's the reality of the present world and how it bends to the never-ending demands of the Jewish people.

My european and latinamerican friends seem to realize this so readily, but it is so hard to convince even one American.

Yolanda Flanagan

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