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Matt Giwer writes from the United States, April 28, 1999

ANGER at SurfWatch arrogance goes right across the Internet. Holocaust agitator Jamie McCarthy, an anti-Real History fanatic who equally opposes mindless censorship, protested to anti-censor newsgroups at the site's inclusion on SurfWatch blocking software, and sent an alert to his "fight-censorship mailing list."

McCarthy suggested however that given SurfWatch's criteria, the site merited inclusion since "David Irving is one of the world's leading figures in that [Holocaust revisionism] field."

McCarthy sincerely believes that the SurfWatch company has nothing to do with the ADL.

I am certain you do not need me to tell you this but I have dealt with him literally for years on the internet.

Is sincerity is as deep as it takes to invent another excuse for the same thing? It is not just your site that is at issue. I have seen him in many venues including the fight-censorship mailing list run by Declan McCullough (sp?) who writes for Wired and Washington stringer for one of the major US News mags, Time I think.

McCarthy is predictable beyond belief. He is four square against all forms of censorship except in the revisionist area. There he is absolutely against censorship for any reason that appears negative to his cause. His entire participation on that mailing list appeared to be to listen to the objections and come up with better reasons for the censorship.

And should he ever drop the Doctor McCarthy on you, it is in Computer Science. As I am certain you are aware, despite the name it is more like an engineering branch of math. And if I may brag, I once engaged him in a discussion of his doctoral thesis. In my never humble opinion, accepting it got him out of their hair. How Brown U has fallen.

Matt Giwer

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