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Joseph Homenko writes from Sydney, Australkia, Saturday, April 17, 1999

THIS article was in today's Sydney Morning Herald. It's good that there is some publicity concerning the Holocaust debate, but I think Dr Toben is trying too hard to be a martyr. He should have known that Germany is a police state, and that they enforce the official version of the Holocaust as vigorously as the Gestapo.
 Joe Homenko, Sydney

 David Irving thinks:

 YES, I was not happy with the way that Dr Toben elected to enforce his own views. He is not familiar with the German legal system: they will hold him incommunicado for weeks, which will stifle any publicity effect he may have hoped for. He would have done better to prepare his Australian colleagues with media hand-outs before leaving, too... Instead, they have floundered, and been forced to muff what could have been a useful step toward getting to the bottom of the mysteries of the Holocaust.

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