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Frank Idzikowski writes from the USA,Tuesday, September 21, 1999

History Channel film on Dresden "Inferno"

THE History Channel "Inferno" premiered yesterday and I was rather pleased with it. You were featured rather prominently along with the [US] Eighth Air Force Historian and Bomber Harris' apologist. Comments from many I spoke with today indicated it was well received. All thought the bombing was totally without cause at this point in the war and was one of the horrors of the war that no one knew about. Most knew Dresden was bombed but not to that extent.

History ChannelI was disappointed that they used my photos and forgot to credit me at the end. Erv is looking into that. My father-in-law [a US prisoner of war in Dresden] looked good, he was hoping his interview ended up on the floor as he is shy, but luckily it didn't.

The History Channel preview on their web site described you as a "neo-Nazi." Here is an excerpt from a message Erv received from J V [Martin] who produced this project:

"By the way, the HistoryChannel.com labeling of David Irving as a neo-Nazi is solely their doing. I do not call him that or anything close to that in my show. This has caused quite a stir at A&E and in the Irving camp. I'm surprised that the correction of the web site slipped through the cracks, but I have sent notification to our people and to A&E. Irving is not a neo-Nazi."

Frank Idzikowski

 David Irving replies:

 I BELIEVE that Termite Art Productions put together a most commendable film on the Dresden raids; it is the first objective screen account of this pre-nuclear holocaust. The insertion of the adjective "neo Nazi" before my name in the published television programme guides by some cowadly and anonymous hack at the History Channel, against the wishes and advice of the film's own production company, shows how the traditional enemies of the truth work. I have already warned the channel of the legal consequences if they try the same trick within the jurisdiction of the British law courts. As the BBC is about to learn, "open season on David Irving" ended some time ago.

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