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Frank Idzikowski writes from Arizona, Saturday, May 22, 1999

ARIZONA is a walking advertisement for unions. The pay scale is so low it is almost like a third world country. The argument that minimum wage jobs are just a stepping stone for an employee is a fallacy here. You never get much above minimum. The governor tells businesses to move here, yes because they don't have to pay a decent wage. And if you don't accept that poor wage, there are plenty of illegal that will do it. You have no middle class here, either poor or wealthy.

SERBIA Clinton is trying to play statesman and doing a very poor job of it. Didn't this country learn that you DO NOT involve yourself in a civil war? Doesn't Vietnam come to mind with all these geniuses in Washington? Bombing never won anything.

What would we say if a section of the US wanted to secede because of an ethnic or racial makeup? We would tell the rest of the world it is an internal problem and to keep your nose out of it. The only people that are suffering are the refugees and the innocent Serbians. The political structure never suffers, only the innocents.

MonicaClinton is trying to prove that he is a man and not just a play toy for Monica. He is trying to deflect the media from reporting more on China, missiles, technology and money. That is the real scandal even more than Monica, Whitewater, Bimbo's etc. Had they impeached him for China (money, technology transfer, permitting espionage, he would be gone today-but then again Al Gore would be worse).

To give away out technology is a crime. Putting future generation at risk, especially our children, coming from a man whose favorite phrase is "but its for the children." This is a European problem and our politicians seem to forget that is the same area that gave us World War One.

Where are all the Democrats that protested during the Vietnam War? They are silent because it is one of their own doing the bombing and they won't criticize Clinton for fear of hurting the party. The media is following lock step behind Clinton and drumming up support for ground troops, especially CNN with Ted Turner and his wife Hanoi Jane.

When presidents are in their second term and are under a cloud, they turn to foreign affairs (and not just with women like Bill thinks) to "make their legacy."

Clinton's will be that he violated international law by bombing an independent, sovereign state involved in a civil war. I am sorry the refugees are suffering but you can not force the Serbs to coexist with the Albanians as much as you can force the Serbs and Croatians to coexist peacefully. These hatreds go back thousands of years and will not be solved in a generation.

Frank Idzikowski


 David Irving replies:

 YES, ..

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