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Marco de Innocentis writes from Durham, England, Friday, February 26, 1999

I e-MAILED Prof Robert Jan van Pelt yesterday about his book and your letter, but he hasn't replied yet.

I've found out about the case of General Remer's widow on your web site. I'm not sure if it would help her in any way, but I remember reading in Jörg Friedrich's "Freispruch für die NS-Justiz" that all the judges of the Volksgerichtshof were acquitted, following a series of rulings by the Bundesgerichtshof between 1957 and 1968.

It was also found out in 1961 that a large number of VGH judges were still in charge. It certainly sounds a bit weird to apply one standard to General Remer because of his role in suppressing the 1944 attempted Putsch, and another one to the "judges" who helped to do the very same thing.

I have collected quite a few cases of similar occurrences, which all contribute to show how hypocritical the present German laws for the suppression of free speech are.

All the best,

Marco de Innocentis


David Irving notes:

PELT is too chicken to reply. He has not replied to me in two years or even acknowledged the May 1997 letter. Since he will certainly be called as an expert witness by Professor Lipstadt, I shall open a dossier and invite my many friends in the academic world to contribute what they know about this Holocaust scholar.

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