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Mike Lilly writes Sunday, November 25, 2001



The death lists of the WTC: few Jews?

JUST reviewed a death list published by Newsday (date of list not given) and there are many Jewish names indicated -- no Rubenstein, but definitely a Horwitz (sic).

A search by Israel for home address did yield only one, but the list did not give an indication of nationality for the victims in general.

There may be something to the Israel suspicion, but I don't think it's accurate for those quoted in your "Discussion" to indicate few Jews were killed.

However, it is very curious at this late date that one can't readily get hands on a current list. I tried and I'm pretty adept, but found no up-to-date comprehensive list ... there's plenty on those killed in the four plane crashes and earlier WTC accountings.

It's mind-boggling to think that all those agencies with all their computers and tallying methodologies have taken so long to get their act together and provide solid, definitive information.

Mike Lilly

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