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Jamie McCarthy writes from the United States, January 6, 1999:

To refresh your memory: you had attacked the Holocaust History Project's pamplet, entitled "Who is David Irving?" as being or containing "lies" and "fictions." You had also stated that the pamphlet was issued by "an ADL-front organisation." While many of the statements that you made about my modest work were false or misleading, these were the two which best lent themselves to direct questioning.

I therefore, last July 2nd, asked you two questions:

1. In your "Diary of a Nobody," you describe the Holocaust History Project as "an ADL-front organisation."

My question: would you describe making things up as a habit of yours, or was this just a one-time thing?

2. Your title on your reproduction of the pamphlet is "More Lies," and you refer to the "fictions" I have written therein. But you don't actually point out anything I wrote that was false.

The question: could you please point out a few of these lies and fictions, so that I may reply and/or correct them?

It has now been over six months since you stated you would respond to these two simple questions. I have seen no response.

I assume you're not put off by the facetious tone of question number one; if you find my sense of humor grating, please accept my apologies and consider it rephrased as "why did you describe the Holocaust History Project as 'an ADL-front organisation'?"

In any event, it seems I was quite right to limit myself to two, so as not to overburden you. Other questions come to mind as well. I'd also like to ask, for example -- all these points are raised in the pamphlet and you've been free to address them at any time:

  • why you changed Eichmann's words around to fit your thesis;
  • how you think the Nazis would have buried "Judaism" in a ditch;
  • why you claimed that Goebbels' diary and Himmler's Posen speech contained no reference to liquidation (extermination);
  • whether you've learned anything about coke consumption of the Auschwitz ovens;
  • why you continue to give speeches to neo-Nazis;
  • why you've lied about speaking to neo-Nazis;
  • why you can't decide between 600,000 and 4,000,000 and 1,000,000 as the Jewish death toll; and
  • whether you can name a single historian, exclusive of Holocaust "revisionists," who agrees with your controversial views on the extermination of European Jews.

But at this point, it looks like I shouldn't expect even an answer to the first two. Should I keep waiting?

Jamie McCarthy


 David Irving notes:

 Hello Jamie,

by the fact that I am still working at 6:10 a.m., you will see I am very, very short of time to handle e-mails. But to do the fair thing, I'll post your letter prominently, though without answers. Of course our site will never be as beautiful as Nizkor's but then they and you don't battle against the Filters*, do you..?

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