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Paul McDermott, writes on Tuesday, May 30, 2000


Having watched your interview by the graceless Tim Sebastian on BBC's "Hardtalk" and found what you had to say of interest, I was appalled by Sebastian's puerile gesture of calculated discourtesy in not shaking your hand at the end, his trademark gesture offered over the months not merely to your fellow academics but to others of distinctly questionable morality.

Allow me to compliment you on the calm you displayed throughout, despite the ceaseless interruptions which hindered the presentation of your intriguing case. The impression left in the mind of an onlooker was that you had been exploited: no serious attention was paid to what you had to say and you were interrupted and talked over time and again. Mr. Sebastian has yet to learn the distinction between aggressive interviewing and ill-breeding.

May I ask where your views are set out? I live not in England but in Bangkok where book reviews are not easily to be had.

Paul McDermott

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