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Mr Kenneth McVay is Webmaster of the ADL-controlled Nizkor Project Website. This sometimes publishes useful documents, though in an uninspiring format, like The Transcripts from the Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Kenneth McVay writes from Toronto, Canada, Thursday, June 10, 1999

I AM writing to you to express my profound disappointment. Having received your thinly veiled threat of a lawsuit


and having responded (Ibid.), and having received your most thoughtful invitation to visit England


and having, with due consideration for your most kind invitation, visited England post haste, and having - with the utmost respect for your original invitation - repeated the selfsame charge, i.e. that you are a man who has lied under oath


I find it quite incomprehensible that you have not yet followed through with your promise and sued me for libel.

I must say, Mr. Irving, I am terribly disappointed. Could it be that you are, in fact, a man who has lied under oath, and that you lack the courage of your convictions, as expressed by your mouth?

Ken McVay,

Director: http://www.nizkor.org/~kmcvay

 David Irving replies:

 For insight into Mr McVay's selectivity, see this letter to him on the Aaargh website: "... Along the same lines, you once put out a call for any information anybody knows about Arthur Butz (a Revisionist who is also an engineering prof). I offered you lots of info about what he has done engineering-wise and professor-wise. I also have publicly-available family background info to submit once I saw how you responded to the engineering and professor info. But you just e-mailed me back with a rude letter saying you are not interested in the engineering aspects of Butz. See, Ken, you only wanted DIRT on Butz. You did not want NORMAL information that is essential for a full and complete understanding of Arthur Robert Butz. ..."

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