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Robert Reis writes from the USA, Saturday, July 17, 1999

Sir John KeeganConfused about John Keegan

Dear Mr. Irving,

I have read several books by yourself and by Dr.[John] Keegan.

In his books he is often respectful of the heroism of soldiers. In his discussion of the Duke of Wellington, he admires the courage of the Duke in the face of possible public embarrassment.

Does the lack of replies on your webpage indicate that Mr. Keegan prefers to admire public courage from a safe distance?

Robert Reis

[  Website note: Dr Keegan -- seen in our picture receiving his knighthood on May 3, 2000 -- has declined to give evidence voluntarily in Mr Irving's libel action against Prof. Deborah Lipstadt. Mr Irving has now put him on notice that he will therefore subpoena him.]

 David Irving replies:

 I shall have to be cautious what I write about Mr Keegan, as I shall subpoena him for the Lipstadt trial. He has refused to testify on my behalf willingly.

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