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Mohammed Sharafi writes Bahrain on Saturday, April 19, 2003



More than meets the eye on Baghdad

REGARDING the article "How Guard And Fedayeen Made A Deal With Rumsfeld" you hit the nail on the head. It is being talked about on the streets of every major Arabic country. Consider these events which took place prior to the fall of Baghdad:

Al-Sahaf said in one of his daily broadcasts, that he has prepared a non-traditional way of attacking the U.S. army. He was referring to the tunnels that had been dug under the airport to surround them and attack. They weren't used.

Again Al-Sahaf in his last broadcast was handed a note -- and after that he speeded up his conference and left. Uh?

The U.S. printed "playing cards" with each personality's face, name and occupation. Aces, king and queen represent their importance. Why are Al-Sahaf and the head of the military not being sought? Uh?

The tanks they found were they part of surprise. Why weren't they used?

Last and most important: small areas put on all that resistance -- yet Baghdad was just handed over as a gift.

There are many more things than meet the eye, in this war. I hope one day you will be the one to expose them and I and others will be doing the same thing.

Mohammed Sharafi

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Irving David Irving replies:

I AM working on Churchill's War, vol.iii right now, and my enemies -- who are legion (viel Ehr') -- will be enraged to know that I did all the overseas research, e.g. in the Canadian and Australian archives, years ago: so the belated visa bans imposed by those countries will have no effect whatever (as they have already seen from vol. ii).
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