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Philip Smith writes from Chicago, USA, Saturday, June 26, 1999

I read with some interest the article in the "Arts" section of today's online New York Times concerning your legal action with Deborah Lipstadt. Despite the obvious negative slant, this seems rather mild for the Times (especially the phrase "Holocaust skeptic" in the title), so I wonder if this is intended to serve as some form of advance damage control, or merely to lull?

Doubtless there will be a rash of strongly worded letters to the editor forthwith, deploring their mildness. It is perhaps noteworthy that the article is linked prominently from the opening page of the online edition, suggesting that they wish to bring it to the notice of readers.

As a daily reader of the online New York Times (though usually with teeth clenched), I find this all rather surprising.

Philip Smith

 David Irving replies:

 YES, moi aussi.

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