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Teresa A. Taylor writes from Wilson, North Carolina

SEVERAL weeks ago I received the Hitler's War posters that I purchased through your Website. I was very impressed with the posters' quality and historical significance. Framed and displayed in my personal library, they remind me daily of the importance of preserving the Real History you so admirably advocate.

For over 20 years, I have read and studied material dealing with all aspects of Hitler's life. Your work remains my unchallenged favorite.

I would welcome the opportunity to attend one of your speaking functions. I know you are planning a conference in Ohio. Do you foresee any future functions a bit closer to North Carolina?

Teresa A. Taylor

 David Irving replies:

 Thank you for your message. I shall be speaking at Atlanta on October 20, a small dinner function; you can contact the organiser on larry314@yahoo.com if you know anybody in North Carolina who would like to organise something, I can be there a day after that, and throw in a lot of names!

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