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Reinhard Tixel writes from California, Thursday, August 26, 1999

History Channel on "Hitler Diaries"

I CAME into the middle of History Channels documentary of the fake Hitler's diaries.

You were never mentioned while I watched. They may have given you some recognition at the beginning of the show but I doubt it. It consisted of a bunch of people claiming that they suspected them to be frauds. It looks like you are destined for the memory hole. . .

Reinhard Tixel

 David Irving replies:

 Indeed. I am told that if you watch the newsreel coverage of the Stern press conference, April 1983, you can see me as the person denouncing the diaries as fake. But no name is given! For the story (in case you did not see it) go to my website:


However, watch the History Channel from September 15: they have a magnificent documentary on the Firestorm. The Bombing of Dresden 1945, and in that I do figure prominently.

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