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"Michael Howard" writes from the USA, Sunday, May 23, 1999

FIRST of all I must tell you that I am a great admirer of yours and make your site a must-stop. I defend you to the hilt with others who seek to tear you down to further their own agendas. I have stood with you -- with great respect.

However, I was dissappointed to see the story from AP reported titled "He Got His in Hearse." I read this, and thought of the families and their grief. I recently lost a 16 year-old son and know the pain of losing a child. The mother who reported her 23 year old daughter missing would be shocked to know that her daughter's death was being used as a joke on a web page by a famous and respected historian. With all due respect, I found it sad -- not funny.

The comment about the "gene pool" only gives ammunition to your critics. You are better than this. I wanted you to know I appreciate your work SO much, but this damages your credibility to many and damnit, you ARE a serious historian! The article has no place on the web page of a serious historian -- one whom I have great respect for and I hope receives this in the spirit in which it was sent.

Michael Howard

 David Irving replies:

 I AM sorry that you were offended by the story. I must say precisely the same thoughts ran through my mind, as a father.

Every family has its share of woes. My oldest daughter is alas [... very ill] and has lost both legs in an accident. She is one of my five favourites nonetheless (I have five daughters, all equal in my eyes.) She has had this affliction since 1980: a very brave girl.

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