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Malcolm Stumer of Brisbane, Australia, wonders Monday, April 2, 2007 why ex-jailbird Lord Archer can visit Australia but Mr Irving can't


Jailbirds sign in

I ALSO saw Lord Archer promoting his second last book in Angus & Robertson's bookstore in Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia recently. Why the discrimination?

Malcolm Stumer

David Irving

David Irving replies:

-- because he has the wind of the moneybags boys behind him. I am sailing in the other direction.

I signed books in the same bookstore in 1987 - my "Churchill's War", vol. i: "Struggle for Power" went to the very top of The Sydney Morning Herald best seller list within a week.

Now of course Prime Minister John Howard has stated he will never allow me to enter Australia. "We will change the law if necessary," he told parliament, when reminded that I have a statutory right of entry: my daughter and grandchildren are Australian citizens and live in Brisbane.


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