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Joe Bachelder writes from the U.K., Friday, March 26, 1999

MY wife and I are leaving for Germany next week, travelling to Berlin and Nuremberg. I am a World War II history buff, and on this trip I am hoping to visit two or three points of interest relating to Hermann Goering.

I hope to visit the site of Carinhall (although I know most of it was destroyed at the end of the war). I understand the site is in the Schorf Heath near a lake named Dollin See, both of which are referred to in your book on Goering. However, I do not have any record of a town or other landmark that might help me in driving through that area. Is there a town that I might look for and, if I reach it, are there likely to be directions to what had been the Carinhall estate?

While in Nuremberg, I hope to visit Veldenstein Castle. Do you know if it is open to the public? I gather it is about 15 miles from Nuremberg near the town of Neuhaus. I am assuming that once I get to Neuhaus there will be some way of finding the way to Veldenstein Castle.

While in Berlin, I plan to visit the building that held the air ministry.

Is there any other building or other location in Berlin that might be of interest relating to Goering? Many thanks for your kindness in reading this email, and I appreciate very much any help you can give me.


Joe Bachelder

 David Irving replies:

 YOU might like to try to find this man: Mr Andreas Kittler, Hessenallee 9, 14052 Berlin. He wrote me December 30, 19292 that he was writing a book about "Carinhall" for Drüffel Verlag. His phone number then was in Berlin 030 30 50 308 but you may have to look in the phone book for it now.

Try also Mr Ken Wrigh, of 1 Helwig Avenue, Montmorency, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3094 

He wrote to me on August 1, 1995 that he was coming to Europe in 1997, and also wanted to locate Carinhall and Wewelsburg. He may have further details.

As for Veldenstein castle, it still stands, and I am sure the present owner will be willing to show you something of it if you approach him discreetly. I was permanently banned from Germany on July 1, 1993 in "the interests of the German people," so I cannot visit the sites myself. Let me know what you find!

Sorry I can't offer more help than that.

David Irving (now writing at Key West, Florida, USA).

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